Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Collecting Data / Assignment 7

I titled this "collecting data" because that's the aspect I'm stuck on right now. I have three sources of data that need to be transferred to our master spreadsheet and each has it's own way of getting done:

1. Transferring Regents scores from Sue's spreadsheet to the master spreadsheet. Apparently this can be done with look up tables and Phil will show Joan and me how to use them.

2. POL scores need to be typed by hand into the master. (Also, we need to revisit this sheet to see who didn't present, if there are incorrect records, and work on what to do next with the kids).

3. Report Card Credit Accumulation. This requires adding info from report cards to the spreadsheet.

Joan and I will work on this, but I'm wondering what everyone thinks (if I set it up right) about taking some admin time and everyone putting some data in. That is, if Sue were available for 20 minutes at 10 am, she would go to the folder and add what she could...indicate where she left off...and move on with life. At noon, I come by and put in 15 minutes and get as far as I can. If the setup were there we could get this done in no time. Comments?

I think with this blog we can add comments directly addressing this post and/or create brand new posts. Maybe we should only create brand new posts for new topics but I'm not sure of the best way to use this.

Hope this helps.


SAM said...

The idea for inputting POL scores (or any other data entry needs) sounds good to me. I am happy to carve out a few minutes today or tomorrow (or any day) to do my share.

I hope I am working this blog thing correctly. Talk to you later.


SAM said...

Yes...adding a comment was the way to use it. Just as I'm doing now.