Tuesday, November 20, 2007

6 months later - still about assets

In the six months since we came up with a PDC Hedgehog of Assets Based Community Development (ABCD), I have only experienced more and more convergence towards this idea. This year we're looking at the Strengths Based Movement popularized by Marcus Buckingham. Jenifer Fox has written a book on applying strengths in a school setting and she referred me to the Taos Institute. She wants us all to work together on launching an international Strengths Based Conference.

Solution-Focused Counseling has been part of our counseling training. And, I've been looking into literature on Assets Based Thinking (ABT).

This is what I want the PDC to be known for. I would like to develop some term that encompasses ABT, ABCD, Strengths Movement, positive deviance, solution-focused counseling and appreciative inquiry. I want to put it together into some package we offer.

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